Moon Phase Prediction Software & EBook

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  • Amateur astronomers use it for planning observing sessions – either to plan when to look at the Moon or to find out when it’s out of the way so they can study the deep sky
  • Astrologers use it to predict various Moon cycles and to find when the Moon and Sun are up in the sky
  • Military people (e.g. the U.S. National Guard, Swedish Air Force) use it to find out when the Moon is New and plan night-time exercises around that time
  • Hunters use it to plan night hunts
  • Fishermen use it to find the best times for fishing – when the Moon is high in the sky or around moonrise or moonset
  • Gardeners use it to plan when to sow seed by the Moon
  • Stockbrokers use it to plan when to buy and sell stocks (there appears to be some correlation between Moon phase and finance!)
  • Religions that use a Moon-based calendar use it to find the Moon’s cycles and times of phenomena
  • Photographers use it to plan photo shoots around the golden hours of morning and evening twilight and to plan photo shoots that contain the Moon.

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